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World’s menswear capitals: Napoli and Biella

To provide its clients the highest quality in suiting, Massimo Roma reaches out to the world’s capitals in the industry: Napoli & Biella. These two Italian cities are not only synonymous of great history in both tailoring and wool making, but they also mean superior craftsmanship, passion and style.


Napoli and Biella, world’s capital in menswear



The history of sartorial tradition in Napoli (Naples in English) goes back to 1351 when Neapolitan elegance started to take shape with the birth of “Confraternita dei Sartori”. Napoli immediately became a fashion reference, nothing less than London and Paris.

In the 1800’s, the sartorial tradition in Napoli grew even bigger. The noble families all around the country were hiring Neapolitan tailors to get their clothes tailored and make sure they were up-to-date with their style. Often they traveled hundreds of miles in chariots, just to get measured and dressed by tailors in the beautiful city located at Vesuvio’s feet.
De Nicola, was probably the first name that became famous in the area, followed by Caggiula and Rubinacci.

Napoli tailor

In menswear, tailors from Napoli are considered among the best in world.


In the 900’s, more tailored transformed their little “bottega” into fashion houses and turned into world references in the industry: Kiton, Isaia, Marinella are just few well-known of the many fantastic tailors still present in the area.

Today, the “stile Napoletano” is considered the best in the industry because of the innate elegance, the passion and their sublime craftsmanship.


The city’s reputation in producing the best wool in the world goes back all the way to the 1800’s (although some of their manufacturers started all the way back in 1600’s, such as Vitale Barberis Canonico). Back then, the most important business people in the industry realized that the area had all the perfect characteristics needed to produce wool: environment for breeding the sheep and clean water filled with minerals ideal for rinsing of the wool.


Zegna, Loro Piana, Cerruti, Barbera: world’s best fabric makers are in Biella. These fabrics are ideal for the classic menswear industry.

It is not a coincidence that world fashion houses such as Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Cerruti 1881, Vitale Barberis Canonico 1663, Carlo Barbera, have their headquarters in this area.

Today, all high-end fashion brands refer to Biella when looking for top-quality and innovative fabrics, leaving no doubt on where the capital of the world in the industry is.



Massimiliano Mattetti
Custom Clothier
Massimo Roma – Fine Italian Menswear

The Blue Blazer

There are many things in menswear that can be discussed and everyone is entitled to an opinion, but on one things
we should all agree: every gentleman’s wardrobe should have a Blue Blazer.

The blue blazer is versatile and naturally elegant, and it represents the wardrobe’s foundation of the classy “bon vivant”.

The history of this garment takes us back to 1837. The captain of a British frigate named HMS Blazer. To avoid the
embarrassment of his crew’s shabby appearance pending a visit from Queen Victoria, the skipper outfitted each
seaman with short blue serge jackets accented with shiny brass buttons similar to those on Royal Navy uniforms. The
blazers were an unequivocal hit with the style-conscious queen, and a fashion icon was born.

Over the years the blazer has lost its formal connotation becoming a garment to be used in different and more
casual circumstances.

Blue blazer

Fabrics and style

Typically made with lightweight hopsack wool, the blue blazer can be easily combined with casual trousers like chinos or jeans.
A white shirt with a white handkerchief will complete the perfect casual look.
Combined with gray trousers, it will bring to life a more “easy chic” look that will fit in every business



A tip is to never wear a blazer with black shoes, instead use a darker or lighter brown (classic or suede leather).

Also, if you’d like to give your blazer a twist, choose the buttons to be silver or dark brown (more formal). It
will add a touch of class to the overall look of your blazer.


Massimiliano Mattetti
Custom Clothier
Massimo Roma – Fine Italian Menswear