Jacket pockets. Straight or slanted?

What is the difference between slant and straight pockets?  Which one should we choose?
Every man has a different body structure and very few have a “perfect” one, therefore when we choose a a garment in general, we should look carefully at the details of this garment. These details can flatter your body structure, hide your “weak” spots or, in opposite of that, they can make you look “off”.

Pockets are one of these details. There is really no trend in fashion with this particular detail so it is important that you choose what will work best for you.

The slant pockets were originally designed for tweed hacking jackets worn by horse-riding hunters and carried typically a ticket pocket to facilitate access when riding the horse. Today the slant pocket is a feature that has been incorporated by every day’s fashion.

So which one to choose?

The slant pocket is suggested for more “rotund” gentlemen because it subtly stirs the attention up and away from the stomach area. This doesn’t mean it will look bad on a slimmer gentleman, however in general lines, it will help men with belly.

The straight pocket. that defines a horizontal line, adds visual weight to the figure, interrupting the “height effect” just like it happens for the belt-waist line. Because of that it is suggested more for tall and slim figures.

You might have also seen at times a “third pocket” on suits or sport jackets. The ticket pocket was originally designed in the 19th century in England to facilitate access to train tickets for all traveling gentlemen. It was finally “absorbed” into the fashion trends in the 60’s. Today it is added only on more sporty jackets or not-so-formal suits.

slant pockets  Straight_pocket

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