Jacket vents. Outlook and functionality.

When selecting a suit or just a simple jacket, an important detail to consider is how many jacket vents it should have.

What are the options? The options are generally three: Vent-less (no vents), center vented (1 vent), side vents (2 vents).



Jacket Vent options


The reason why the jackets started to carry vents in the back is because back in the days, they needed a jacket design that avoided the fabric bunch up when gentlemen where riding horses with their jackets buttoned up.

These days the principle of having vents stays the same. The vents are primarily a comfortable option to have, however we want to keep it stylish so…. let’s analyze these options and see which one is best for you.

Vent-less option:

It’s the oldest jacket design and look very good on tall gentlemen with thin waist, however it creates problems when, with the jacket button up, you want to reach the pants pockets. It is probably the most elegant option as even Cary Grant considered it the most photogenic choice for a jacket. However, the jacket bunches up evidently in the back with your hands in the pants pocket, just as shown in the picture below.


Vent less jacket


Center Vent:

Very popular choice with  gentlemen in the States in the 50’s, is still a used mainly with classic blazers. It still doesn’t looks very good when a gentleman tries to reach the pants pockets as it creates a “curtain effect”.

singolo spacco

Center Vent


Side Vents:

Possibly the most popular and practical choice for most gentlemen. Combining style and functionality, it is our favorite choice.
Looks good on pretty much any body structure and doesn’t create that bunch of fabrics when sitting down or reaching the pants pockets.


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