Made to Measure suits vs. off the rack suits


 MTM (aka SU MISURA) Suit

Off the rack Suit

Pick the fabrics you’ve always fantasized. Thousands of top quality fabrics available, Italian and English.

Settle for fabrics someone else (the manufacturer) selected before going to mass production.
The suit is completely cut based on your body measurements. A paper pattern is created around your body. All your measurements are stored for future orders. No need to look for the right fit again. Made based on a standard cut that is supposed to fit everybody.Questions: Do we all look alike? How will it fit you? How many adjustments from a tailor will you need to make it fit just “ok”?
The suit is hand-made by seasoned professionals called “Tailors”.These professionals are often 3rd or 4th generations’ tailors. The suit is made by many occasional employees who work in chain productions and are, in 99% of the cases, not even tailors.
Endless customization of your suit. From the buttons, to the lapels, trousers style, lining, pockets, etc etc. Basically, you design it based on your style. No customizations.What you see is what you get. The suit has already been made so…nothing you can change to it.
You get personal style advice from the tailor/style-consultant to make sure the suit will reflect not only your style, but also your needs. You will probably meet a sales-person that will tell you anything in order to close the sale.
The result is a unique masterpiece that belongs only to you. One of thousands mass produced and sold worldwide.


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