The Navy Blue Blazer

The Navy Blue Blazer

The Navy Blue Blazer


How many times have you been staring at the wardrobe wondering how to look sharp without dressing up too much? I have…many times! It is not easy to find a garment that puts a classy accent to your style and allows you fit in many environment without looking “too much” or under-dressed. Well, if you haven’t figured it out by yourself, let me disclose this to you: it is the Navy Blue Blazer.

The Blue Blazer, inspired historically by the Navy uniform, is in fact a must in gentleman’s wardrobe. Designed to originally

That is why you should put the Navy Blue Blazer at the foundation of your wardrobe. It pairs up with anything (dressy pants, suit trousers and jeans) and takes your look immediately to another level.
Do you have one? How does it fit you? How old is it?

Come and get your new stunning Italian Navy Blue Blazer before the Holidays start and get advised on sizing, fit and style by Massimo Roma.

Call NOW and get a free pocket square with the purchase:
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