How are your dress shirts doing?

Perfect dress shirt fit

Perfect dress shirt fit


Do your dress shirts fit you well? Are they in good shape? Do you have enough variations?

We tend to just get up in the morning and do things in routine, such choose automatically a dress shirt that is in the closet and go with it. But the question is: how do your dress shirts really fit you?
Remember that you are unique and that your size is just as unique as you are. If you buy standard sized shirts, even if you are lucky enough to have a perfect body shape, there will always be something that doesn’t fit you perfectly. That is why you should look at our Made to Measure services.

Are your dress shirts in good shape?
Take a moment and see in what condition they are. Often, by taking them to the cleaners, where the dress shirts are put under a huge amount of stress with the presses and starch, they tend to wear out fast, especially on the collar border or at cuffs.

Do you have enough variations?
In today’s world we’re judged by the way we look, hence the importance of looking good! Wearing the same three dress shirts over and over won’t speak in your favor. Make sure you have enough options in the closet. A basic wardrobe should carry the following dress shirts:
– 4 solid colors (two tonalities of blue and white)
– 3 striped
– 2 checked

If you thinks it’s time to refresh your wardrobe, don’t hesitate to call Massimo Roma! (561) 302-5998

Button fastening

Although it might sound obvious to many of you experienced gentlemen out there, but did you know that tradition dictates that you should always leave the bottom button on your suit jacket undone?

So, if you have a 3 button, only fasten 2 and with a 2 button you should only fasten 1.

For what concerns sleeve buttons, they are fake/not working on commercial suits, while with high-end and custom suits, you will see opened sleeve buttons (aka working cuffs). Some call it a “show-off” some call it a “personal style detail”. I will leave that up to you.


Suit fabrics

Evaluating suit fabrics

Suit fabrics - Super 110's

Super 110’s

Evaluating suit fabrics is the most important step towards building your dream garment. I’m sure that you’ve come across fabrics grading labels that say: “Super 120’s or 130’s or 150’s or even Super 200’s”. But the question is: what does that “Super” number really tell you?


The number denotes the fineness of the individual fibers that make up the actual wool (only wool); similar to the thread count you see on bed linen. Typically, the higher numbers designate a thinner, silkier fabric, which is also rarer with a higher price tag.

The trade off for the luxurious feel is that these finer fibers also wear through quicker, so they’re not good as an everyday workhorse.

But be careful, especially with Chinese manufactured fabrics, the term is often abused to (unfairly) appeal more to the consumer. In fact, the market is overflown with suits & sport jackets that carry labels with high Super graded wool, that is in fact not even close to that number. As the matter of facts, it is often not even wool at all!

Super 150's?

Suit fabrics – Is it really Super 150’s?

Overall, when choosing fabrics for your next suit, pay attention to important details about it such as: weight, fineness, origin, etc.; you’ll be amazed by how much difference the right choice will make for you.

Contact an expert to learn more about which type of fabrics are best for your next suit or sport jacket.

Suit fabrics - Super 180's

Genuine Super 180’s – Our top of the line wool collection

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