Suit care. Do you care?

Buying a good suit is an important investment you should make sure it is well taken care of once you start making use of it.
In fact, do you know that with a good care, your suit will last longer?

A nicely tailored suit is just like a beautiful woman, it deserves and needs daily attention. So let’s go over a few tips you can uto make sure it lives long and looks good every time you wear it.

1. Use a brush with natural bristles after each wear to remove all the dirt avoiding that it settles into the fabric.  It’ll take no more than 45 seconds.


Always brush your suit after use

2. Hang your suit on a quality suit hanger. Even when you take the jacket off at work, you should hang it to make sure it stays in shape.

Suit on a hanger

Put your suit on a hanger when you take it off

3. Do not use iron on it. The ideal way to distress suit’s fabrics is by using a steamer. The steam will “relax” the fibers of the wool and bring it back to its original shape. You should do this after every use. Be light (move quickly with the hose) with the steam on the front of the suit to avoid the jackets starts to “bubble” where it has been fused (unless you’re wearing a full canvass suit of course).
If you don’t have a steamer, you can iron it but put a cloth in between iron and suit. As an alternative, you can hang it up in the bathroom, close the door and open hot water.

Use a steamer for your suit

Do not use an iron but rather steam your suit.

4. Do not use it every day. Use it once or twice a week at the most. Your suit needs a rest after each wearing. In fact when you leave it hung for about 24 hrs, the fabrics fibers have the opportunity to “breathe” and relax the wrinkles.

Have more than one suit in your wardrobe

Alternating suits will help your garments last longer

5. Always use dry cleaners and never home-laundry to clean your suit. However, don’t bring it to the cleaners more than once a month. The press they use might take a toll on your suit after a while.

Use a dry cleaner not your laundry to clean your suit

Use a dry cleaner not your laundry to clean your suit

In conclusion, it is pretty clear that good maintenance and rotating more than 2/3 suits a week will extend the life of your suit.

If you have any suggestions on how to let your suit live longer, please share it with us!

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